Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions for math tutors at NextGen Math? Read the frequently asked questions for math tutors online. Here is a list of common questions.

How much does a math tutor cost per hour in Ontario?

A private tutor for grades 3 to10, you can expect to pay $25 per hour on average in Ontario. For high-level tutors, you can expect to pay $40 on average for grades 11 and 12.

As we offer small group classes with individual attention, our monthly fees are less than that of a private tutor.

How do I prepare for a math tutor?

Ensure that you have your course materials on hand. Prepare a list of questions or areas that you are having difficulties with. If you have a question from your last assignment, ask before the new math lesson. Always arrive on time for class.

What makes you an outstanding math tutor?

As an expert maths tutor, I teach my students the same concept using multiple strategies. My students know that with the use of multiple problem-solving strategies, a math problem can be broken into smaller definable parts.

How much is tutoring per hour?

You can anticipate paying $25 on average for grades 3 to 10. For high-level tutors, you might have to pay more than $40 on average. With our small group classes, our hourly rates are lower than private tutors.

What is the location and hours of operations for your services?

Our teachers provide in-class & online tutoring services. Classes are held Monday to Friday from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 12: PM. In class lessons are held in our 1225 Kennedy Road Suite #2000, Scarborough Ontario M1P 4Y1 location.

Will I get locked into a contract?

There is no long-term contract. All payments are month to month. You may cancel at any time with no penalty. Students will see visible improvements in 6-8 weeks.

Will I be charged if I have to cancel a session?

Our payment structure is based on 8 classes per month in a group setting. If a session is cancelled or you cannot make a class monthly basis for any reason, we do not reimburse parents for missed sessions. Should you need to postpone sessions for a long period of time, such as holidays, we will do our best to accommodate.

Why do I need a professional tutor?

The care and attention a professional tutor gives to his student can’t be matched by a university student. A professional tutor’s future depends on how well he teaches his students. When a university student teaches his main focus is on his own studies and might not teach you the concept in detail.
Our tutors have access to various study guides, review sheets, quizzes, and sample tests. We have customized the extra notes based on each grade.
Professional tutors look at teaching students as the main purpose. Thus, the knowledge and experience the tutors possess can’t be matched by someone who is not serious about teaching in the first place.

Do you tutor only math?

All subjects we teach are related to math. We specialize in math, physics, advanced functions, mental math training, calculus, and vectors.

Do you do business math?

Yes. If you are studying calculus and vectors, then most of our teachers can help.

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

Our math tutors have years of experience in online math tutoring and in class math tutoring. Mr. Symon Mozammel has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Ahnaf Mozammel has an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology.