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Is your child struggling to solve math problems? Then, it is the best time to contact “NextGen Math Academy” the Best Math Tutoring in Brampton, Ontario for Your Child. We take pride in making our students show visible improvements in 6 to 8 weeks.
No child is born with the skills to learn math. A good teacher can make any student learn the skills. We provide Special Mental Math Training to our students. Your child will gain confidence in solving math in no time.

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Personalized Math Tutoring Online And In Class

We provide personalized math tutoring in-class and online for 3-12 Grades.

Guaranteed Results

Your child will show visible improvement in math within 6 to 8 weeks.

An Enriching Educational ​​​​​​​Program

Take benefit of our latest teaching tools & pioneering program customized for each level.

Our aim at NextGen Math Academy is to make math exciting and interesting for the students. Expert teachers with over 20 years of experience help each child to advance to the next level without any struggle.

We have personalized the teaching approach according to the need of each level. Our teachers assist the students to make visible improvements in solving math problems. We offer an advanced educational journey that is tough to find anywhere else.

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Personalized Online Math Tutoring in Brampton

Our teachers at Nextgen Math Academy make math interesting and fun for the children. We help students move to the next level without any struggle. So we have customized our approach based on the need of each level. Our students are ahead of school within 8 months of joining.

Sometimes students have a tough time understanding the difficult methods used in their schools. So we ensure that our customized way of teaching makes it easier for the students to solve math.

Sometimes understanding the teaching process of the school becomes difficult for students. So we personalize our way of teaching to ensure your child finds it easy to solve math.


We interact with our students to make the perfect learning plan. Since your child will gain focus on the subject, it will be easier to achieve academic success. This will help him/her gain concentration and self-confidence in solving math. This learning will help students create a successful life. 

math tutor brampton
math tutor in brampton


Our teachers aspire to improve your child’s self-esteem by encouraging teaching methods and personalized projects. This will provide the students better grades and a willingness to develop a learning habit that will help him/her throughout life.


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Speak to a Math Tutor!

Virtual and In Classroom Tutoring for Students Grades 3-12 In Toronto & GTA

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