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If your child is struggling with math then it’s time to reach out to “NextGen Math Academy” best math tutors in Toronto, Ontario. We deliver results with guaranteed visible improvements in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Personalized Math Tutoring Online And In Class

We offer online and in-class tutoring sessions for Grades 3-12

Guaranteed Results

You will notice improvements to your child’s performance within 6 to 8 weeks.

An Enriching Educational ​​​​​​​Program

Take advantage of our modern teaching tools & advanced program tailored for each level.


At NextGen Math Academy we aim to make math engaging and exciting for the students. We want to help children advance to the next level without frustration. So our approach is personalized for each level’s exact needs.  We help and assist students to improve their Math skills. We provide the best educational journey that you won’t find anywhere else.


We collaborate with students to create the ideal learning plan. Improved concentration, focus, and enthusiasm for studying will help your child achieve academic success! This will help him/her self-confidence & successful learning for life.

math tutor toronto
math tutoring toronto


We’ll make the most of our instructional time. We aspire to boost your child’s self-esteem by using motivating teaching techniques and customising projects. This will result in improved grades and the development of new learning habits that will last a lifetime.


What Our Students Say About Us

Great teaching! My daughter joined less than a year ago. She is currently in grade 9 but already doing grade 11. I know that there are also many other children in younger grades that are also in the grade 11 math class. I also noticed that compared to the math curriculum where I come from, Canada is 2-3 years behind. That's why I put my daughter in this tutoring and I am very impressed with her advancement.

Anas Muzamil
Anas Muzamil2021-05-12

This tutor has given me a much better understanding of grade 11 functions. The teacher is very professional and the material is easy to understand. My grade has increased from the 80s to the high 90s with the help of Math Tutor Scarborough (Math with Engineering Vision). Thank you Mr. Symon.

Owen Li
Owen Li2021-04-21

My daughter was struggling with grade 9 math. It wasn’t until then that I realized how poorly elementary school math prepares students for high school level math. Symon was able to help my daughter gain both an understanding and stronger confidence in math. She saw a 24% increase in her final mark from grade 9 to grade 10 and had been recommended by her math teacher to continue taking grade 11 Academic courses. I couldn’t be more proud and happy with her results and so glad I made the choice to invest in her education through Math Tutor Scarborough. I even enrolled my son to ensure he is also ready for high school math. Thank you so much Symon and team for helping my kids gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Math!!!


Speak to a Math Tutor!

Virtual and In Classroom Tutoring for Students Grades 3-12 In Toronto & GTA

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